• Being a global citizen with Ernestine.

    International Affairs and the Carpe Diem lifestyle!

    Polyglot, diplomat and foreign policy researcher. I love traveling and learning about new cultures. My objective it to work in international relations and see the world. Areas of expertise are, Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. After I first traveled abroad to Africa I developed a case of wanderlust and never looked back. Politics are my passion and educating the world on how to be a global citizen is my mission.      
  • Being creative and optimistic

    The Carpe Diem Duchess

    Ernestine is a creative and dynamic artist who's creative stylings can be seen in her writings, fashion and cosmetic artistry as well as musical artistic expression :)

    Ernestine, the mistress of this blog is pictured above in Shanghai, China.
  • Future plans!!

    Academic and Career objectives

    To pursue my personal initiative to give my unique perspective on the world today, the cultural, political and historical. 

    Where to Next

     A series of lectures on the importance of learning a foreign language at Cass Tech High School lead to a personal initiative started by Ernestine in 2013. The objective is to bring scholarships, fellowships, study abroad and language learning opportunities to underrepresented students and or individuals who want to expand their global horizons.